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Important Notice: all appointments will adhere to current government COVID-19 social distancing measures

My Approach & Values

My approach is predominantly person centred which means I believe in peoples’ ability to find a way through uncertain or turbulent times by exploring what really matters to them. For some people just being able to talk freely and openly about their struggles can allow them to develop their own solutions. For others it can be important to learn about new ideas or how to develop positive coping strategies. I can assist with these aims by sharing ideas and experiential exercises from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

When I first started therapeutic practice the approach I implemented was Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I practised this modality at a University Clinic and many clients responded well to this way of working but I noticed that some clients wanted to work in a different way. With this in mind, I went on to complete my training in professional counselling where I learned and developed an integrative approach to working with clients but my work was predominantly person centred. I wanted to develop this approach further and so I completed training in advanced practice in person
centred therapy. I have also developed an interest and completed training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (a relative of CBT).

I value being honest, building trust, being empathic, compassionate, developing understanding and acceptance about the things we cannot change but be willing to look at and work on the things we can change.


My Approach

Initial telephone conversation

I offer an initial telephone consultation to enable you to check whether you feel comfortable talking to me, be able to explain your current difficulties/issues and for me to explain in more detail how I work and whether this is appropriate for your needs.

Booking an appointment

If you decide to start therapy sessions with me we can arrange an appointment time that is on a mutually agreed time and day, which would then be at the same time and day on a weekly basis.

Fees & Payment

Sessions are £50 and I ask for payment by BACS and 24 hours before the session.

What I offer

I provide counselling for adults age 18+ on an individual basis. I offer face to face sessions, online and telephone counselling sessions. I provide counselling to clients referred by Employment Assistance Programmes (EAPs).

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My Qualifications

Higher National Diploma in Professional Counselling

Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology

BSc (Honours) Psychology

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